Everyday sports practice

For both adults and children, the regular practice of sport contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Discover a few sports so that you can choose the one that suits you best if you don’t practice any physical activity.

What sport suits you best?

When considering physical activity, the choice of a particular sport differs from person to person. Here are some suggestions for choosing the sport that’s right for you, more on annuairedusport.com.


If you like team spirit, taking on physical challenges in a group, team sports are for you. You can choose from a multitude of sports disciplines, such as football and handball, where the sharing of certain values takes precedence over the practice of the sport itself.


Athletics encompasses a wide range of disciplines that can be practiced both individually and collectively. There are also endurance and speed events (the 5000 m, 100 m, etc.) and others that require a certain technicality and dexterity, such as pole vaulting.


The practice of martial arts such as karate, jujitsu, judo and other combat sports is motivated by several reasons. Some people seek refuge there to let off steam and de-stress while others consider them indispensable for learning self-defense techniques.

Anyone can play sports

Playing sports is not restricted to a single age group or even a particular gender. Children and adults, young and old men and women can engage in a variety of activities.

Choosing a sport for
your child

Take into account the child's desires in addition to his or her inclination for a particular sport and do not impose a particular discipline on the child.

Discover sports for

Women today have the opportunity to engage in a plethora of sporting activities, whether outdoors or indoors.

Senior: which sport
to practice?

The best sports for seniors are walking, swimming and running.

Practicing sport despite disability

It is possible to be physically active with a disability. Team sports such as armchair football or wheelchair basketball are possible. Others are also possible on an individual basis, depending on the nature of the disability.

Sports hall and

The sports halls are equipped to allow the practice of several physical activities. They are often equipped for weight training and others for crossfit or TRX.

Sports equipment and materials

As far as sports are concerned, certain activities require specific material and equipment, such as climbing and cycling. Protective equipment (helmet, mouth guard...) is essential in sports such as boxing or taekwondo.

The most popular sports in the world

Some sports are more popular than others. This is particularly the case for football, tennis, basketball, golf, but also baseball. Discover some of these sports.


It is undeniably the most popular sport in the world. There are millions of licensees who practice it as amateurs or professionals in the 4 corners of the world. It is the World Cup that attracts the most spectators to the sport.


This team sport as we know it today was born in England. The oval shape of the ball is one of the specificities of this sport. The most popular competition is the World Cup which is organised every 4 years.


It is one of the most popular sports that originated in the United States of America. It pits two teams against each other, each working to score the most points by putting the ball in the opponent's basket.


There are two main variants. One is called ice hockey, which is played on an ice rink, and the other is called field hockey, which is played on a grass field.


Golf is a sport that is played outdoors in a mostly grassy area. It requires equipment such as a club to hit a ball and push it into holes.


A team sport played on a grass field. It originated in the United States and became popular in other countries such as Cuba, Japan...it requires a ball, bats and gloves to practice it.


This racket sport is played either individually or in doubles. It includes several prestigious competitions that are played on different types of courts and are called Grand Slam tournaments.


A collective sport that can be practiced both outdoors (on the beaches) and indoors. The main competitions in this sport are the world championship and the world league.

Sports competitions around the world

There are a myriad of sports competitions around the world that attract large numbers of fans. Here’s a look at some of them.

The Olympic Games, especially in the summer, are the world’s most popular sporting competition. In fact, there are many reasons for this, including the diversity of the disciplines practiced. Indeed, everyone will find something to his liking and will follow the one he is an unconditional fan of. The prestigious character of the competition as well as its history can only move the athlete as well as the spectator. For an athlete to participate in it is already an exploit in itself, so what can we say if he succeeds in winning a medal or even becoming Olympic champion? The football World Cup is also a very well attended competition. It takes place every four years and the matches are broadcast in around 100 countries. There are other sports competitions such as the NBA in basketball, Formula One and motorcycle Grand Prix…

Sport: the basis for a healthy lifestyle

The practice of a sport must be part of each individual’s culture. Indeed, regular physical activity allows for a healthy lifestyle by preventing problems of obesity and even certain cardiovascular diseases. It is also a remedy against stress and a way to let off steam and channel one’s energy.