Sports and Nutrition

What does marine collagen do for your body?

Collagen supplements have immensely been gaining popularity in the fitness and sports nutrition industry. But what are they all about? First, collagen is the largest protein in the human body….

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Animated league table evolution round per round for Football or Soccer

Have you ever wanted to see what was the standings at the beginning of the season ? How my favorite team struggled 1 week ago, or 1 month ago ? Yes it’s…

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The benefits of CBD oil for athletes

Physical effort is a tiring and painful activity, especially if you are doing endurance training. One must assume the impact of sports activity such as pain, but also the problems…

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Vegetable proteins: what ideas for dishes to consume easily?

Eating vegetable protein is increasingly recommended by doctors. Indeed, it is a food product that allows men to increase muscle mass. For women, taking it is also essential for fitness…

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How to eat after a workout?

Sport is an activity that makes you lose energy. Indeed, during a gymnastics session, the body draws on its resources during a sports practice, which come out in the form…

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Foods responsible for cellulite

Cellulite refers to a change in fat tissue and a local accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. It is important to know the foods responsible for this…

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