Vegetable proteins: what ideas for dishes to consume easily?

Eating vegetable protein is increasingly recommended by doctors. Indeed, it is a food product that allows men to increase muscle mass. For women, taking it is also essential for fitness and good health. However, some people do not like meat. If this is the case for you, don't worry, you can replace them with fruits and vegetables that contain more protein. Here are some ideas for dishes that you can eat every day.

Why should I reduce my meat consumption?

It's a question that everyone asks, why reduce meat consumption? Different people become vegetarians, vegans, etc. Indeed, the human body needs to consume several types of animal proteins to stay healthy. However, three portions of meat in a week are already sufficient. However, vegetable protein is the most indispensable. Therefore, it is essential to take 5 fruits and vegetables in one day.

Eating soy cheese

Soya is a food that can perfectly replace meat. On the market, you can choose between two types. There's tofu and tempeh. These products both come from China. In both cases, they are made from curdled and pressed soy milk. They can come in the form of white paws or firm paws. Tempeh differs slightly from tofu in that it can be made in blocks. The taste is neutral, but it can be mixed with other foods such as vegetables. Some people also make tempeh for dessert.

Various recipes with vegetable protein

You can use vegetable protein in a variety of recipes. First of all, there is the pancake made with soy milk. This is the best way to create a little sweetness at breakfast. Then there is the lentil dahl. These legumes are rich in vegetable protein. You can eat them on a regular basis, both for hot and cold dishes. For a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas, tofu lasagne is also a good idea. It is a perfect substitute for seafood or chicken au gratin.
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