What part of Dominican Republic is best to vacation?

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is among the best vacation destination, especially if you want a Caribbean holiday. The Republic is mainly known for its beautiful beaches, beach sports activities, and clear waters. Additionally, there are plenty of golf courses offered by Dominican Republic golf. The Republic has weather patterns that favour vacations throughout the year.

Are you planning for a Dominican Republic vacation? Do you have a specific place for the holiday? In this post, I have tackled the best part of the Dominican Republic that is best for holiday vacations.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana stands out as the best and most famous place people visit for their vacations. The place has the best beach destinations in the Dominican Republic. The reason why it's the best is that the beaches in this location face the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Punta Cana has 60 miles of coastline with shallow waters, 60 miles.

Punta Cana is the best town to go to on vacation; the place has a lot of fun activities. One can race speed boats, do whale watching, enjoy swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, etc. The list of activities is endless; this is an assurance of a busy schedule once you visit the place.

Now that you have a brief knowledge of Punta Cana let's look at why you should choose this place as your vacation destination.

Water Sports, Golf, and Other Activities

Whatever kind of water sport you like or want, you will get it at Punta Cana. Be it windsurfing, fishing, sailing, kayaking, paddling, etc.; if you are interested, you can arrange with the host hotel. If you are not into water sports activities, don't worry, there is something for you somewhere. You can engage in Scape Park, an adventure where you can get activities like snorkelling, zip-lining, horse riding along the beach, scuba diving, and many others.

That's not all; if you look into discovering more about the natural environment in Punta Cana, there is the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve. It is a non-profit foundation that deals with preserving the tropical forest. The total acres of tropical forest preserved is 1500, including natural lagoons and gardens, are preserved.

Golf and it's related courses are other activities that are gaining popularity in this area. There have been a lot of Dominican Republic golf courses. There are many Dominican Republic golf resorts in Punta Cana; you can go for the one that meets your heart's desires.

Warm Climate

The climate at Punta Cana is favourable; that is why the place is a dream vacation destination for many. People travel from different parts of the world to visit this beautiful place to enjoy the warm climate. During winter seasons in North America and Europe, Punta Cana acts as a getaway for many.

Punta Cana experiences an average temperature of 72°F-84°F, that is, from December to April; water temperatures tend to be around 72°F at this particular duration. In the summer, the area experiences sunrise earlier than the usual daybreak hours. The days are longer and hotter than the nights, but the temperatures do not exceed 90°F.

The place gets few rainy seasons; there are no significant changes in the general climate at Punta Cana, and the sun shines throughout the year.

Unlimited Great Accommodation

Accommodation should not be a concern when you want to visit this beautiful place. There are over 60 modern hotels that are there at your service. They offer luxury accommodation for families, groups, etc. The hotels provide the best services and ensure no wish has been left unfulfilled.

At the place, there are hostels and small boutique hotels that serve backpackers and solo travelers. Also, if you are a family person, there are plenty of friendly resorts strategically situated in places that are free from noise and other disturbances. You will surely not regret your vacation at this beautiful place, whichever hotel you choose.

Active Night Life

After a long day of activities, you need a place to relax, have some drinks, get entertained, dance, etc. Punta Cana hotels have night plans, where you will experience dance shows, live bands, and bars where you can get your favourite drink.

Nightlife in Punta Cana is quite interesting, so you can't afford to miss out. There are various local and international discos; you will also encounter some of the best casinos. Nightlife at Punta Cana is just heaven on earth.

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