Golf Humor Examines Golf Emotions:- Are We Just A Bunch Of Cry Babies?

Let’s examine an aspect of the game that I find par- ticularly fascinating:- The strong emotions associated with this game of golf. Before I started becoming a fan of this game, I always wondered how a game that looked so bland—-and at times down right comatose—–that seemed to take boredom to a whole new level——could possibly have Any emotional appeal. DID THIS GAME ACTUALLY HAVE A PULSE?! I mean——-what could be simpler? PUT THE BALL IN THE HOLE, RIGHT? How could that POSSIBLY produce such strong emotions (both on the green and off). I see now that it’s NOT just about competing to be the best against others, and to better your own game. But that the game APPEARS to be so deceptively simple. Could THAT be the source of this emotional rollercoaster? Remember when you first began? How you may have experienced difficulty just gripping the club handle? (Or just being allowed to join the local golf club?) ;-] But yet you still managed to “putt” the ball in the hole? (A typical case of beginner’s luck). You probably thought to yourself, “This isn’t so bad. Piece of caKE!” But then, all the realities of what could possibly go wrong between the tee and the hole came crashing down on your head. (That your instructor was so gracious to point out to you). Wind direction, contour of the land, sand traps, bunkers, the rough, other players mocking you,… That temporary NIRVANA of IGNORANT BLISS that you lived in was shattered to pieces forever at the next hole. Now instead of 4 or 5 strokes, it takes 7 or 8 strokes. Then 8 or 9… You begin to overthink everything. Something that once easily flowed…now becomes mechanical and forced. Your smile and upbeat attitude are gone. Now replaced with embarassment. Nervousness. Irritability. And finally,—the dreaded FRUSTRATION sets in. TO quit seems more and more like a good idea. (I mean who needs the aggravation?) But you don’t quit, right?The game is like an addiction to you after several weeks. There’s something deep within the subconscious of we human beings that enjoys facing down a challenge…even if it’s a sport. THere’s a drive to conquer in all of us. Even to the point of conquering our own weaknesses and seeming lack of ability. It’s a tough battle sometimes. If you’ve ever seen a golfer break his expensive titanium club over his knee, tie it in a knot, then toss it into the nearest water hazard,… Or screaming at the top of his lungs at a golf ball… Or trying to run his caddie over because he forgot to remove the flag in time…you know what I mean. But the love still remains. If you’ve ever seen a golfer drooling over a new bag of clubs in the sporting goods department of a department store… or have known yourself to pay the grounds keeper to let you play just four more holes after hours…Or remembered to bring your clubs on vacation, but left your wife standing in the drive way…you know what I mean! The highs and lows of this game in the hearts and minds of golfers. THIS is the emotional roller coaster I was referring to. Going from one extreme to the next. Can you see yourself living from day-to-day without this sport for any length of time? Just think about that for a second… HMMmm? Feels like a rather BLEAK outlook doesn’t it? ;-] Hm? This sport has been “knitted” to our souls. We practically live and breath it now. And are always striving to become better. To knock just a few more strokes off. Just keep punching, and that mountain’s gonna fall! We know that true skill is a “diamond in the rough”, that can only be refined through hard work and practice. Well… Just keep drivin’ fellow golfer! Keep drivin’!
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