Animated league table evolution round per round for Football or Soccer

Football fixtures, today. Match scores and results

Have you ever wanted to see what was the standings at the beginning of the season ? How my favorite team struggled 1 week ago, or 1 month ago ?

Yes it’s part of football, we support then we don’t ever forget the past evolution in the league table.

Basically you wanna see from where a team comes from to have this position right now in a Football or Soccer league table.

We created what we call the “hot league table”. Which gives you the possibility to get back in the past and check out the standings how it was.

Check out by yourself below the standings for Premier League 2020/2021

We have the same link for North American guys talking about Soccer

We created the hot league table because Football Soccer communities are really missing this feature. This gives you one more given of the situation to make analysis.

You can find all the daily results from the home page. And most importantly all the league tables and tournaments from all over the world.

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