Golf Gear – What You Need to Know Before You Start

Everyone is getting into the sport of golf these days. It’s relaxing, and a fun way to spend some time outdoors with friends or business associates. While you certainly don’t need to buy all the golf gear required on your first outing, it is a good idea to know what you need. Golf can be a very expensive game when you factor in all the golf gear, clothing, and green fees. But if you’re just starting out, don’t break the bank until you’re sure golf is the game for you. The first and most important equipment you’ll need is golf clubs. If you’ve never played before you may want to rent a set from the pro shop at the golf course. You can buy golf clubs for under $50, but a good quality set will cost you much more than that. You may even want to consider buying a used set if your budget is stretched a little tight. In addition to your clubs, you’ll need balls and tees. Tees are fairly straightforward, but you may want to buy quite a few if you’re just starting out since you may end up hitting the tee more often then the golf ball. As for golf balls, you don’t need anything fancy when you’re starting out. Since you may end up losing a few to the water hazards don’t spend a lot.

Golf Attire

When heading to a new golf club for the first time, you may want to check up on their dress code. Yes, that’s right, a dress code. Even the most inexpensive golf courses typically have a dress code in place that while not strictly enforced, is important if you want to immerse yourself in golf culture. Typically collared shirts, long shorts, and golf shoes are required. Don’t expect to head out onto the course in your cut-off jeans though. Not only is this frowned upon, but it can get extremely uncomfortable. Most pro shops offer a complete line of men’s and women’s golf wear. With all this golf gear you’re now ready to get started. A last piece of advice, the best thing you can do for your game is to take a couple lessons before your first outing. This will give you the basics you need to become a great golfer in no time.
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