Golf Vacation Schools ? Choose the Perfect Golf School Vacation for Your Game

Golf Schools, like golfers, come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t make the mistake of attending any golf vacation school. Do your homework and find the right match for your personality, learning style, and golf game. How do you decide which golf school vacation is right for you? It’s simple. Start by asking yourself a few questions.

1) What is your goal or commitment level for your golf school vacation?

Allow me to simplify the above question. Are you planning your vacation around golf school or is golf school only a part of your vacation? Some schools demand your entire focus both mentally and physically. Others are a bit more relaxed leaving you the time and energy to do other things. You must first decide if you are more committed to the golf or enjoying the vacation. If I’m planning on attending a Las Vegas golf school or traveling to Myrtle Beach for golf instruction, I definitely would like to spend some time enjoying the surroundings. If you feel the same, look into a school that offers half-day instruction. Develop your skills in the morning, enjoy a nice lunch (usually part of tuition), then hit the golf course, casinos or the beach during your afternoons.

2) Are you new to the game or an experienced golfer?

Beginners should investigate schools that offer low student-instructor ratios. A 4:1 ratio or lower is optimal for beginning golfers. You might also want a school that limits class size. Experienced golfers should make sure the school they attend offers on-course instruction. Your swing might need some tweaking but, unlike a beginner, you should really get instruction in game-like scenarios. Depending on your learning style, you might still appreciate the attention offered by low student-instructor ratios. This is more of a personal learning style preference than necessity for the experienced golfer.

3) Do you have a low handicap but your golf game collapses from 150 yards in to the pin?

Find a school that focuses on skills like the short game and course management. If your golf swing is working for you, don’t pick a golf vacation school that dedicates the majority of instruction time at the driving range. The market is very competitive. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, many golf vacation schools are beginning to focus on niches or individual aspects of golf. Shop around and you’ll find a golf school that will help you shave a stroke or two off your already low handicap.
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