How to eat after a workout?

Sport is an activity that makes you lose energy. Indeed, during a gymnastics session, the body draws on its resources during a sports practice, which come out in the form of sweat. Thus, it is necessary to take an adequate diet to recover the lost energy. However, there are a few rules to follow when eating after a sport in order to keep your figure in shape. This article then explains how to eat after physical activity.

Is it necessary to eat immediately after a sports session?

Some nutritionists advise those who want to gain weight to practice sports and eat right afterwards. Paradoxically then, it is necessary to wait a few moments before eating after sport, for those who wish to lose weight. The ideal time to eat is at least 30 minutes, after physical activity, or even wait 1 hour. During the practice of sport, the body malfunctions because of the exhaustion of body energy. When it stops, it therefore needs a certain amount of time to recover and resume its normal functioning. This is the ideal time to eat after a sports session, because the regulation of digestion begins again at this time.

What to eat after a sports session?

A healthy, balanced and light diet allows you to recover and repair energy losses after a sports session. It is essential to eat well after sport, to lose weight in a healthy way and to continue your slimming routine without getting tired. It is therefore necessary to avoid fatty and stuffy foods. Thus, for muscle repair, you must put proteins in your dishes such as eggs, lean meats. To gain energy, eat whole carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, sweet potato. They are easier to digest. To also provide a high nutritional value, without the risk of gaining weight, add legumes and foods rich in fibre for antioxidant action, such as green beans, salad, chickpeas, etc. Good fatty acids are also permitted after a sports session, such as light vegetable oils.

Other dietary rules after a sports session

After a physical activity session, it is also essential to drink enough water. This is mineral water or pure water without additives or infusions. Drinking water rewards water loss in the form of sweat and hydrates the body. Water also regulates blood circulation. It is a vital natural antitoxin. If you are hungry in the meantime, light snacks are perfect for eating after sport. To do this, opt for fresh fruit or its juice, natural yoghurt, or quick sugars: banana, honey, dried fruit. You can also concoct a home-made recovery drink.
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