How to improve your running speed?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, the goal during training is to improve speed and endurance. With a little willpower and patience, you will be able to beat your personal record in a few months. There are many ways to train, but among the main techniques here are some steps to follow for split training.

First step

To start your training, warm up for 5 minutes by walking slowly. This is useful to wake up your muscles and stretch your legs in preparation for the split workout. Then run at normal speed for about 15 minutes. Don't over-exert yourself, but try to speed up your heart rate anyway. The purpose of this part of the workout is to keep you from getting exhausted. Then start your split workout now. This is the part of the workout where you will improve your endurance and increase your muscle mass. Run hard for one minute to increase your heart rate and exhaust your muscles. Then walk for 2 minutes to let your muscles cool down.

Step Two

Repeat your split workout four times, i.e. for about 12 minutes of exercise. During this short period, you should be totally exhausted. If you are not, you haven't been working hard enough during the running minutes. Repetition is essential because it forces the body to absorb oxygen more efficiently. Over time, this will increase the oxygen capacity of your blood. After the minutes of exercise, rest. Then walk for 5 minutes at a pace fast enough to engage your muscles, but slow enough to lower your heart rate. You should feel totally tired. If not, you should increase your heart rate even more during the split workout.

Step Three

Push yourself to the limit. Do at least one split workout a week, but don't exceed twice in a 10-day period. Otherwise you risk injury. After a few weeks, do the more complex exercise by reducing the break to one minute instead of two. It's important to measure your progress, so time your regular workouts and write down your timing in a notebook. This way, you will have real proof of your progress. Another way is to run as fast and as long as possible, before writing down the distance run and the time completed. If you follow this advice during a few weeks of split training, you will have improved your running performance.
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