Looking Beyond The Tip

Golf is not just about looking at the best golf club tip in town. There are also other factors that you should consider.

Stay relaxed

One of things that you should remember is so easy and simple to do but ironically, most golfers forget it. It is to relax. Although of course, for many people, relaxing is easier said than done, especially on the first round, since it brings intense pressure. This additional pressure will increase the heart rate of your body and will diminish your chances of having a great tee shot. Focus on the breathing that you have before you go straight hitting the ball off. A few deep, long breaths would do the trick. The key point here is you should have the main focus on your shot.

Your wrists should not be used

When you are to hit your drive, it is of paramount importance to remember that your wrists and hands are not the ones giving you enough power you need in driving the ball. The power you need should come from your shoulders in your back swing, when you are winding the body up while you prepare for your down swing. Any wrist movement could lead to inconsistent ball striking, leading to an inconsistent trajectory of the ball. Keep the wrists straight, and you will see how your drive has become more and more consistent and accurate.

In order for you to realize, visualize

Before you really hit the shot, stand some few feet, maybe about two to three feet, behind the golf ball and try to visualize how the ball would take the flight path you want. Visualize how the ball is going to take off, watch it in air and its landing place. This will dramatically increase the chances you have in putting the golf ball in the exact place where you prefer it.

Prepare what you need to prepare

Before you go straight hitting your target, make sure first that you have spent some hours practicing to get a sense of how to sing. Do not strike your first drive without you warming up. If you have no time anymore for hitting some practice balls, spend at least five minutes to warm up. Before you step on to the tee, make sure you have spent some time on the practice range, to get into the feeling of the swing. Never, ever, hit your first drive without warming up. Do some exercises. This will give you a more relaxed and flexible feeling.
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