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Racing is a sport that has been in existence literally for thousands of years. It’s certainly progressed since the days of the chariot races in ancient Greece but the drive behind racing still remains the same. When people race, regardless if it’s cars, boats, horses or themselves they do it to win. Being declared the fastest is the ultimate goal. Races have progressed significantly since their inception. History shows that the first races were on foot; two or more men racing one another to determine which was the fastest. We still have foot races today and they can be incredibly competitive with challengers vying for the prestige of Olympic gold medals. Races involving cars have gained popularity in recent years. Motor sports fans can attest the fact that watching a Formula One or NASCAR race can get the blood pumping. The drivers race at breakneck speeds with an incredible amount of precision. Bleachers full of fans take in the races and millions more watch from their homes as men and women get behind the wheel of cars and try to out race each other. There are many different types of car racing and another fan favorite is rally racing. Rally racing involves cars racing around on regular city roads. This type of racing is challenging for the driver because during each race they are confronted with a course that is unfamiliar to them. One of the aspects of rally car racing that makes it unique is that it’s done year round. Races occur in every type of weather and climate isn’t really an issue. The cars are specifically designed for the race and the drivers concentrate on moving from point-to-point within the course. Another popular type of racing involves wheels but only two. Motorbike racing is a fast growing sport and those interested aren’t just the younger crowd. There are several different variations of motorbike racing. One is called motocross in which the participants take to the dirt. They run a challenging obstacle type course with their motorbikes, including handling difficult turns and jumps. Most motocross racing is on the amateur level and there are even courses specifically designed for the youth driver. The other type of motorbike racing is done on asphalt. Some of these are amateur races between people who want to see how well their bike outperforms the competition’s. Others are men and women who have developed their riding skills for years in preparation for a specific race. Motorbike races are held in different venues all over the world, with some of the prize money being considerable. Some types of racing have human influence but the brunt of the speed is supplied by another type of animal. Horse racing is a prime example of this. Horse racing has been an interest of people for centuries. One of the most popular types of horse racing is thoroughbred racing. Generally, thoroughbred racing involves a long track that the horse sprints down. In this type of racing there is a jockey who is specially trained to guide the horse to victory. This is the most well-known form of horse racing and what most people are referring to when they say they are going to the races. Another type of horse racing involves more than a straight sprint. The horse in this instance has to overcome not just a track but obstacles that include turns and jumps as well. This is termed National Hunt Racing and is most widely seen in the United Kingdom. Racing whether its by foot, automobile or animal is a sport that will never fade into oblivion. We are fascinated with speed and love to see people challenging each other to perform at their highest possible levels
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