Places To Go Hunting For Treasure And Metal Detecting

Metal detecting, be it relic or treasure hunting, is appealing whether as a work or a hobby. There are several ideal places where we can go detecting to enjoy using our metal detector. It might be on a beach, near a gold prospecting site, or in an area that has many old relics and artifacts in it. But first, we need to pay attention to the rules and regulations of where we would like to go metal detecting. Primarily, we have to start hunting in our own backyard, our neighbors’ backyard, our friends’ backyard, the sidewalks and the porches, the flower beds, and behind the trees. This would be the start of our metal detecting career. What we can find in these places depends on how old the house and/or land is. It would be a lot of fun finding lots of memorabilia such as old coins, relics, bottles, jewelries, lost things or maybe an entire collection. Another fine place to do metal detecting is in parks and playgrounds. Our community parks, city parks, old parks, zoos, picnic areas, city playgrounds, old playgrounds, sandboxes, swings, campgrounds and old battlefields is where we could go to look behind large trees, grassy areas, old trees, shady spots, unpaved parking lots, spaces where lovers hide to get away from the crowd, under park benches and pathways. It’s possible to find new coins, old coins, lost rings or earrings, wedding bands, bracelets, watches, kids’ trinkets, toys - all lost or left behind. Beaches and riverbanks are exciting sites for hunting and metal detecting, too. Look in places such as old ferry launches, old fishing spots, old swimming holes, and old bridges on the riverbanks. You might find iron debris, broken potteries and glassware which could be the best location to find older items and perhaps even novelty coins, jewelries, watches, relics and other possible collectibles. Go where people gather together during the busy season, local beaches, town beaches, old marinas, and ocean beaches are most likely the prime spot for buttons, bullets, sinkers, Indian artifacts, old charms, and ornaments. In your local woods, you might look for foundations, cellar holes, old cemeteries or graveyards, abandoned mausoleums and fields such as old farm fields, tobacco fields, cotton fields, cattle, sheep, or any farm field. These are good spots for metal detector utilization. Don’t forget to look on new paths, old overgrown paths, search near the road, check on hiking trails, old wagon roads, foundations, old cellar holes, and upturned tombstones or go to the main entrance of the farm after a heavy rain on the fields. If you hit on a coin, thoroughly search that specific area to find coins, bottles, or relics, depending on location. Metal detecting is an exciting, adventurous, and fun way of finding valuables or items of sentimental value to us. Using the metal detector in places such as parks, beaches, woods, playgrounds, fields, riverbanks, old cellars and graveyards, even on our own backyards is a good way of bonding with families, friends, and colleagues. It is a fascinating hobby, too. Different places bring different collections, treasures, and memories as long as we follow the proper code of ethics.
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