How to choose your paddle?

Who doesn't dream of having fitness equipment at home? However, with all the models available on the market, it is often difficult to find your way around. But why not opt for a rowing machine to practice a very complete physical activity? But which models to choose?

What are the different types of rowers?

There are 3 types of rowers on the market. The central draft rower is the most popular. It has only one oar. It is ideal for cardio and endurance training sessions. Moreover, it is easy to handle and quiet, and the result is really impressive since the muscles of the upper and lower body are used at the same time. The Scandinavian rowing machine has two oars that make it easy to use. The muscles of the back and shoulders are the most used, even if it also works other muscles: legs, thighs, back, arms... This is the equipment to be preferred for rehabilitation. On the other hand, the Latin rower is dedicated to great athletes. The movement is partially guided, so it is more difficult to handle compared to the other two types of rowers.

What level of comfort should I choose?

It is very important to choose a rower according to his morphology. To do so, you must take into account the maximum weight in order to limit premature wear! Also, check the length of the rail, especially if you are tall. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, test to determine if the device is adapted to your morphology or not. And since you will be working for hours sitting on your device, focus on comfort and practicality. Prefer a sliding, adjustable and ergonomic seat that can adapt to any morphology. As for the pull bar, it's best to use ergonomic, non-slip handles to reduce the risk of blistering. Finally, a non-slip, stable and wide bottom bracket will guarantee optimal comfort.

What about the braking system?

The braking system allows you to adjust the intensity of the effort. If you have opted for a Scandinavian or Latin rowing machine, it will automatically be equipped with a hydraulic piston resistor. On the other hand, the centre-drive rowing machine offers different braking modes. Magnetic braking can be manual or motorised. This system is silent and cheap. Hydraulic piston braking is very popular due to its small size. This system is especially suitable for sportsmen and women. Electromagnetic braking works by means of an electromagnet, offering a very precise and reliable result. Air braking allows you to enjoy an experience close to that of rowing and the resistance is proportional to the tractive force. To close, there is water braking. To adjust the resistance, the water tank should be filled with water. In short, to choose a rowing machine, you must evaluate your needs and take into account your morphology as well as the level of comfort you are looking for.
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