The different types of skipping ropes

Skipping ropes are currently gaining popularity among sports enthusiasts. But what exactly are the different types of ropes available on the market? This guide could be of great help to you.

The materials used

First, there are nylon or cotton ropes. The latter are practical for people who are just starting out in rope skipping. Indeed, the density of these two materials is low. Because of this, they offer a slow rotation speed. Next, you can choose skipping ropes made of vinyl (PVC). This type of rope is ideal if you want more rotation. Experienced athletes, on the other hand, should opt for steel skipping ropes. These are perfect for outdoor use. People who like to have nice materials often choose leather ropes.

Choosing according to practice

Firstly, it is advisable to choose a nylon skipping rope for children. As already explained, this kind of rope is practical for beginners. Before a weight training session or physical preparation, one always needs to warm up. A PVC skipping rope is ideal for warming up. Secondly, skipping ropes can also be used to burn calories. For weight loss, the most practical skipping ropes are steel or leather ropes. Finally, boxing and CrossFit are two disciplines that require the use of high quality skipping ropes. In this case, choose steel or vinyl ropes.

Further technical data

Today, skipping ropes have evolved a lot. Several technical features can help you choose. Firstly, most ropes are now equipped with ball bearings. The existence of ball bearings prevents the rope from rolling up on itself. Some ropes also have weighted handles. They are designed for those who want to put a strain on the muscles in the shoulder area. Other ropes are equipped with lap counters. Finally, people who want to lose weight can choose skipping ropes with calorie counters. These last two features can boost the motivation of rope skippers. In short, you have seen the points to consider before choosing a skipping rope. All in all, you will have to choose according to your level and your practice.
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